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Who is prone to slipping and falling? Everyone! Everyone is prone to slip and falls, and possible injuries, if there are no proper safety measures put into place.

We specialize in non-slip floor treatments in South, Miami. We handle both commercial and residential properties making every step safer with our high-performance products.

Floor Safety At Home

Home is where you think of safety until you suffer an injury. Slip and Fall injuries rack up when residents have untreated floors if an anti-slip floor solution has not happened then injuries will. Bathrooms are the number one place in residential properties to sustain the most injuries. Most injuries resulting in spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and even long term brain damage.

Elderly adults and small children are very prone to injuries due to spilled beverages making the floors slippery — poolside injuries from having untreated concrete. Elderly individuals are make 20% of deaths that occurs from slip and falls. That 20% is almost always 65 and older, according to the CDC “Center For Disease Control.”

Floor Safety Outdoor Residential Properties

Most high traffic areas at outdoor residents are the swimming pool, especially during the summer months. 75 % of drowning deaths occur at residential homes and neighborhood pools. Slipping and falling is highly likely to happen because of the wet surfaces outside.

When we treat your outdoor pool areas with our anti-slip floor solution, we reduce the risk of slippery flooring. Our products improve the resistance of the surfaces to almost all of todays common pool chemicals; our products even improve the surface of the concrete flooring. Our residential anti-slip floor treatment is becoming more and more popular!

Treating Commercial Flooring

Most high traffic areas are commercial properties making them more prone to slip and fall fatal and non-fatal injuries. Mall food courts and medial facilities highly susceptible spilled beverages and liquids make their way to these floors quite often.

The cost of slip and falls are up to $30,000 a year if you do not consider commercial anti-slip floor treatments.

We specialize in hotel lobbies, restaurant kitchens, restaurants, medical centers, fitness centers, and many other floor surfaces. We conduct non-slip floor treatments right in South, Miami.

Nursing Home Floor Safety Solution

Assisted living facilities experience enough risk while caring for elderly individuals. Slip and fall suffered from an older adult can be a really scary and life-changing experience for those who fall, and those who witness the fall. Most injuries received are fatal because of the condition of one’s body being more feeble with age.

Seventeen thousand people die annually in the U.S alone from slip and fall injuries due to lack of anti-slip solutions. Our goal is to protect everyone, even pets. Commercial anti-slip floor treatments by us ensure floor safety outside and inside. Our products guarantee safety and less slip and falls for years.

Our mission is to provide commercial and residential anti-slip floor treatments. We guarantee floor safety while improving the look of the surface and the quality of the surface without altering the flooring. Our products prevent yellowing and tarnishing of ceramic and fiberglass and any other floor surface commonly used. We want to promote safety with the best anti-slip solution one step at a time.

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