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Did you know ten percent of slip and falls require hospitalization? Slip and fall injuries include fractures, broken bones, (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury, and even death; because of improper safety measures.

Small children and House pets to are among those slips and fall receiving nonfatal injuries. Small children are the most susceptible because of spilled drinks causing slippery floors. With anti-slip floor solutions, this will reduce the likeliness to suffer a slip or fall.

Where Slip and Falls Occur Most?

Most slip and fall injuries lead to death, and about 20 % of these individuals are 65 years of age and older, according to the (CDC) “Center of Disease Control.”

Tubs, showers and bathroom floors that are not slip resistant are the number one cause for slip and falls in the bathroom alone, 31% of these injuries are of the head and neck. We specialize with non-slip products for shower and tubs, improving the grip texture both ceramic and fiberglass without damaging or changing the appearance.

The Painful Cost of Slip and Falls

On average, treating fall injuries is more than $30,000 for one hospital visit. Over 800,000 patients receive hospitalization because of injuries due to slippery floors.

Slippery floors can occur anywhere even the workplace, 22% of slip and fall incidents resulting in more than a month away from work. This can be a major downfall for employers who do not consider having their floors treated.

The Best Way To Prevent Slip and Fall Injuries

The safest way to prevent slip and falls are having your floors treated. Our high-performance products by Slip Doctorsprevent slippery floors for years. Based right out of Anti Slip treatment in South Florida, our non-slip flooring products and services are becoming more and more popular.

Especially in high traffic areas like Malls, Restaurants, homes, and shops. We guarantee fewer injuries and more worry-free environments that are affordable and safe.

Why We Are Your Best Investment?

Once floors are treated, we measure the treated areas to ensure proper traction. We provide bi-annual visits to check progress and to ensure customer satisfaction. Our goal is to reduce slippery floors one step at a time.

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