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At anytime anyone is at risk of producing an injury on an untreated surface. Most slip and fall accidents and injuries are produced on the home-front. Indoors and outdoors can both be hazardous if appropriate safety measures aren’t put in place.

Slip and Fall accidents are bound to happen on any surface that has not been treated. Our high-performance products benefit your safety, your flooring and your peace of mind. Slip resistant flooring is what we specialize in, we render services right here in South Miami.

Most Common Injuries

When slip and falls occur not all injuries are fatal but way too often hospitalization is required. Most common injuries are broken bones, fractured hips, bruising and head and neck trauma.

31% of fall injuries are of the head and neck; which can cause irreversible (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury. 20% of accidental deaths are of elderly adults.

How To Prevent Slip And Fall Injuries Outdoors

With our services we deliver guarantee safety inside and outside the home. Our products incorporate well with swimming pools by providing a clear finish, which keeps the surface slip free; while enhancing the color and appearance of the concrete.

Having outdoor and indoor surfaces treated is the safest surest way to prevent slip and fall hospitalization and accidental deaths. We improve the texture of your flooring with our products by creating a slip-resistant surface.

Indoor Anti -Slip Floor Solutions

Home is where you want to feel the safest and most comfortable. Most slip and fall accidents are reported to be at home. Wet surfaces from weather conditions, spilled drinks, water leaks and so many other things run the risk of injury if you do not have non-slip flooring.

Wet tubs and showers help in sustaining injuries if slip-resistant is not a factor. Our treatment services include providing the safest environment where most wet surfaces take place. Our materials improve grip texture agreeing with both ceramic and fiberglass without changing the appearance. after we apply our safety solution we guarantee non-slip results. We aid in slip-resistant residential flooring in South Miami.

Types Of Surfaces We Treat

In most residential properties we encounter multiple surfaces on different levels of the house. Wooden flooring in the living and dining area while the bathroom and kitchen can have a mineral surface such as Tile or Stone. All these different flooring types have one thing in common they all can cause injury when the surface is wet and untreated!

These are only a few types of surfaces we treat and these few surfaces work well with our materials. Improving the wooden surface look and texture on vinyl, cork and laminate. Tile and stone surfaces which by the way can be very slippery when wet! Has it’s natural beauty kept in tact while creating a slip-resistance floor. All of our anti-slip treatment services come right out of Miami.

Our Services Guaranteed Satisfaction

Injuries from slip and falls land millions of individuals in the hospital annually and monthly those costs rack up. From therapy to lawyer fees and much pain and suffering physically, mentally and financially we are your best result.

Protect your floors and pockets for years to come with our products and treatment services. Our products ensure safety on most surfaces deterring risk of injuries. We assess your surfaces making sure we service every inch of slippery flooring with our products and non-slip flooring techniques.

Every two years we come back to inspect our work and ensure our services are still creating that non-slip traction needed with every step. We are right here in South Miami Florida. We want to give you that peace of mind you deserve with every step you take.

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